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Inspired by J.K. Rowling's "Harry Potter" series, this Ravenclaw themed scent is sophisticated and reserved, but still very strong. The calming scent of peppercorn and general freshness of a warm fall breeze will encapsulate the entire room and most adjoining rooms. It's subtle power will suprise you!

  • Pricing Options & Burn Time

    Votives (15 - 17hr burn time): $3.65 each

    Doz Votives (buy 10 and receive 2 free): $36.50

    Tarts: $2.25 ea

    Doz Tarts  (buy 10 and get 2 free): $22.50

    Tea Lights (5+hrs burn time): $2.00 ea

    10 pk Tea Lights: $18.00

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