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Magic Mega Bundle

Magic Mega Bundle

A mega package deal of one votive EACH of the witchy & wizardly scents we make! In this bundle, you're purchasing 12 of the votives in the pack, and 3 of them are free! A total of 15 VOTIVES!


This magic-themed bundle includes one of each of the following scents: 9 3/4, Ambition (Slytherin), Butter Beer, Courage (Gryffindor), Dobby's Sock, Fizzy Wizzy, Hagrid's Hut, He Who Must Not Be Named, Headmaster Wizard (Dumbledor), Loyalty (Hufflepuff), Nearly Headless Nick, Olivander's Wand Shop, Quidditch Fields, Transformation (Polyjuice) Potion, and Wisdom (Ravenclaw).


PLEASE NOTE: Bundles are completed packs, so your free candles are already included.

  • Pricing Options

    Dozen Votives: $43.80

    Dozen Tarts: $25.00

$43.80 Regular Price
$39.42Sale Price
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